Agricultural Particle Counter

Chip Consumables None
Sample Volume 20μL/50μL
Sample Concentration 1×10^4~2×10^6 cells/mL
Detection of Particle Size 10~120μm
Detection Time 30~60s
Coefficient of Variation ≤ 5%
Features Automatic cleaning, diameter of the district, dilution calculator
Application Pollen, protoplasts, spores and sporangium, tetrahymena, roe and other particles within the detection area
10 to 120 microns fast counting for particles of different shapes.
Fully automation, only one step pipette loading sample, then automatic counted by APC.
Accurate size detection for transfection efficiency evaluation.
Detailed and histogram function to reduce fragments impact.
Picture 1. The count result of Oryza sativa L protoplast
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